Painting – Fig in Soup
Fig in Soup, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2000
Digital: ca-AD 2000
Archive Digital Art: Ca-ad, 2000, Collaborative experimental animation with Ricardo Climent, shown at Queen’s University Sororities festival 2000. Created during the first year of my masters, this was a rare opportunity to work with the highly talented and much lauded electro-acoustic musician Ricardo Climent, whom at the time was completing his doctorate at the School of Music at Queens. The ...
Painting – 2 Jacks
2 Jacks, Mixed Media on Board, 2000
Drawing – Sketchbook studies 1996 – 98
Various sketches, works on paper, 1996 – 1998.
Painting – Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson, Mixed Media on board, 2000 Privately Owned, not for sale
Drawing – Sketchbook studies 1999
Various sketches, works on paper, 1999.